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1955 Chrysler 331 Work Needed

> Hi, I'm new to the forum so bare with me. I have a 1950 Plymouth business coupe and I just built a '55 Chrysler 331 and put in it. It was a task, but its there and running. But, I need some help. My buddy who helped me build this engine with all Hot Head parts, were Chevy guys etc and built several chevy, ford motors. But after I got this 50 Plymouth from a good friend 6 six years ago, who helped me with fabrication, body work etc I wanted his 55 hemi, which he would not sell me. He had 2 of them, so I thought this purchase was a shoe in. But no. 2 years ago he died suddenly. Of course his wife knew I wanted that engine, so she asked and I bought it. So, here I am. I need help from someone who knows these engines. I live close to Lima, Ohio and there just isn't anyone around here to help. I want someone who can fix some issues I have with it.

Does anyone know of a great mechanic in my state that can help? I'll pay for this person who you here in the forum might suggest. As I mentioned here, all parts were purchased from Hot Heads and they suggested I post this question on your forum.

Thank you. My email is
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