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Re: 1955 Chrysler 331 Work Needed

> > Hi, I'm new to the forum so bare with me. I have a 1950 Plymouth business coupe and I just built a '55 Chrysler 331 and put in it. It was a task, but its there and running. But, I need some help. My buddy who helped me build this engine with all Hot Head parts, were Chevy guys etc and built several chevy, ford motors. But after I got this 50 Plymouth from a good friend 6 six years ago, who helped me with fabrication, body work etc I wanted his 55 hemi, which he would not sell me. He had 2 of them, so I thought this purchase was a shoe in. But no. 2 years ago he died suddenly. Of course his wife knew I wanted that engine, so she asked and I bought it. So, here I am. I need help from someone who knows these engines. I live close to Lima, Ohio and there just isn't anyone around here to help. I want someone who can fix some issues I have with it.
> Does anyone know of a great mechanic in my state that can help? I'll pay for this person who you here in the forum might suggest. As I mentioned here, all parts were purchased from Hot Heads and they suggested I post this question on your forum.
> Thank you. My email is

Go to then put "Hemi Tech Index" in search. One part of it has refrences on shops. Lots of reading to give you knowledge of your engine there.
The Forum is called the HAMB. You could start a Thread about your engine & specific problems there (Not in the Tech Index).
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