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>The short tail 331's have aluminum intake available. The tall deck 315 and 325 Dodge do not.
You can get a hydraulic roller cam for about $600 with a regular cam gear pinned on it, so you don't need a bronze dizzy gear. Use the HH adapter for the small block Chevy water pump. I prefer the 315 and 325 Dodge as I have 3 of the 325's All Mopar small blocks have the same trannny bolt pattern, just indexing pins in different locations. HH sells an adapter for a GM HEI dizzy that works great. I like the 1500 to 5500 hydraulic roller cam for my pickup. Lots of torque for a pickup for towing your antique cars on a trailer or a camper for swap meets. I have converted a low deck aluminum intake to fit one of mine, but a real job. Best to just find a cast iron factory one. If on a budget and you need a bore, you can use 325 pistons. That gives you 9.25 to CR and you can run any gas. Good luck.
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