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Water pump hose

I have a 392 and have converted to using Hot Heads bbc aluminum water pump. I have a be cool rad which water outlet is on the bottom, passenger side. My problem is , I need a formed hose to go from rad to water pump. I’ve tried various universal flex hoses but they eventually fail and I leave me sitting on the side of the road. I need a brand name and a part number for a preformed hose. Please help. My next trick is to take a coat hanger and bend it into a similar shape. Nor all parts stores let you rummage through their stock. Thanks for your time, Ed Friesen
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Re: Water pump hose
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I have had a similar problem and ended up using just a couple of formed bends and a piece of exhaust tubing.
If you have a muffler guy he can even bend that up some for you.

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