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I built a hydraulic slave cylinder mount and used a pedal assy from a racing site.
Much easier than a mechanical set up in my opinion.
Then a kit from TR Waters will space out the 426 Hemi flywheel That you will need and fit a small block Mopar bellhousing to your block. Make sure you use a pilot bushing, If I recall TRs kit comes with that.
Tremec could probably tell you if they have a tranny that will fit the Mopar bellhousing as I used a OEM tranny. If not maybe they can recommend a bellhousing.
If you go with the SBM bell remember that there are three different input bearing sizes and the transmission input bearing has to match the bellhousing.
The 426 flywheel will bolt to the Dodge crankshaft and will take a 10 inch clutch, or was it 10 1/2" you can get that set up thru Summit racing as well.
Easy Peasy and only a A few thousand invested. (mostly in that tremec)
If you are running a QC a regular old four speed might work OK as you can match your gears to what ever you are doing with the car in a matter of minutes.
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