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> Helping a guy working on a 38 Dodge pickup. He has it on a later frame, which goes up in front of the cab with the coil spring suspension. This sets the engine higher as to the firewall.

I'm sure your friend didn't plan to fail... he just failed to plan. We've all been there!

Here's one idea that might get the brake booster out of the way of the rocker cover. I didn't know anything like this existed until I saw on on "Ant Anstead - Master Mechanic" on Motor Trend TV. Apparently 57 T-Birds use something like this too.

This approach might free up enough head clearance to leave all the pedals in the stock position.

I put one of these on my 53 Studebaker because the under-floor master cylinder wasn't compatible with power brakes and the manual setup wasn't doing the job. I put the booster in the trunk and bent and routed a 3/8" hard steel vacuum line from the engine to the trunk (rubber vacuum hose for "give" at the hookup points.) I then ran a couple of long steel brake lines from the master cylinder to the remote booster and back. There is plenty of room under the truck to mount it. I didn't have a good spot under my car so the trunk was the obvious spot.

It worked like a charm. It took me about 4 hours sweaty August hours to build the lines and install it. Once bled, it resulted in very strong brakes and i kept the "clean" engine compartment look. Before, the Mopar disk/drum brakes were scary weak.

I used the VH-40 model which is a little larger and more powerful than the VH-44 model. It is specifically recommended for disk/drum installations. The VH-44 is for drum/drum. I got mine on Amazon for $150 delivered from Australia (this past July.)

Here's the one I used:

It looks to be out of Amazon stock right now but they are definitely available elsewhere for more money. I think Covid may be to blame. Australia seem to be somewhat self-isolated. Google search "VH-40 booster".

Or he could go with manual brakes sad.

Maybe this will help.

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