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> I have a 270 Dodge hemi and a set of .030 NOS 315 hemi car pistons that I picked up years ago at a swap meet. So when I get the 270 bored, if I use the 315 pistons, will it raise original 270 compression ratio from 7.6 to 1 to the 315 ratio of 8.25 to 1? The one book lists the pistons as 8.5 to 1. My Tex Smith hemi book says 8.25 to 1. Any ideas?

I have no hands-on experience with the 315, but I'll offer an idea on some checking you might consider. Take one of the 270 pistons and one of the 315 pistons, remove the wrist pin from one, slide the other piston's wrist pin half way out, then slide the first piston onto the second's wrist pin. Look at the piston tops and see if the 315 top is higher then the 270. If they are the same, there will be no change in the compression ratio. If the 315 is higher, there will be an increase in compression ratio. If it is higher, and you carefully measure the difference with a depth micrometer, plus use some careful math calculations, you can calculate the increase.
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