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Mini starter size

I am trying to decide on which starter to use with the HotHeads GM trans adapter.Is the mini starter that Hot Heads sells that much smaller than the stock Mopar starter that fits the trans adapter. Does anyone know the dimensions? Any advice on these starters would be appreciated. Thanks
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on: Sat 10 of Jan, 2009 [12:38 UTC] reads: 17202

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Re: Mini starter size
on: Sun 11 of Jan, 2009 [02:04 UTC] score: 0.00
The stock mopar starter is massive compared to the mini. It is beefy and ugly. So the rule I have, is if the car/truck has a hood on it, go with the cheaper stock starter. If it is an open car like a 23T or 32, etc, go with the expensive mini starter. It looks a lot better.

I've been running the mini starter for about a year now with no problems. I gave my stock starter to a guy who's going to use it in his truck.

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Re: Mini starter size
on: Sat 10 of Jan, 2009 [23:48 UTC] score: 0.00
I don't know the dimensions but it it the mini starter that fits the Mopar V8's and lots of Japanese cars. It is about 1/3 the size or less than the stock hemi starter.

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