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New 241 Dodge Build - coolant coming from #5 exhaust port???
on: Wed 17 of Oct, 2018 [03:51 UTC] score: 0.00
Hello everyone!

I’m looking for help from the experts on what has been a tough day for me! I recently finished up my build of a 1954 241 RedRam Hemi. The engine is slated to go in a little ‘29 roadster hot rod that’s all period correct for the 1950s. I built the engine fairly stock - stock water pump, heads, everything very straight forward. All new parts aside from an early Edmunds 2 Deuce intake. I had it already to go on the engine run stand to break it in tonight and was excited! Everything was looking good until I put coolant in the system. I had her almost all the way topped off when I looked over and saw a steady flow of antifreeze coming out of the left-hand exhaust. I quickly removed the exhaust manifold on that side and noticed it was coming out of the number five exhaust port. The others were dry.

Luckily the valves were closed on that particular cylinder, so no coolant got into the cylinder itself. I had the intake fly cut just slightly because of its age and was really careful about it’s fitment knowing it was a bit of an antique. Is it possible that devil is leaking into the cylinder because the gasket isn’t sealing? Could it be something worse, like a cracked cylinder head? I thought of using some kind of a camera to look up in that port and see if I could notice anything. I didn’t do any major work to the cylinder heads other than a valve job and some very light porting. The intake mating surface wasn’t touched nor were any of the surfaces of the block milled/machined down.

Iknow it’s a longshot, but I thought I would drop a note here in case anyone else has had this issue! Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me!

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