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392 stops running after warm
on: Mon 07 of Jun, 2021 [01:14 UTC] score: 0.00
I have a rebuilt 57 392 .040 pistons, aluminum heads, small cam 280 dur 480 lift, I was running it breaking in cam shaft, engine starts and runs fine, engine temp was 170-180 has good oil pressure 60+ it has break in oil in it, running at 3000 rpm, I let it back to idol and it shut off, I tried to start back up and it turns to hard to start, like it seazed up, I let the electric water pump and fans run, it cools down in a few miniites and it will start back up, Has anyone ran in to this problem, the lifters have a little click to them yet.

found out piston ring gap to tight can cause this, going to tear it down.

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