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Some of them had a factory double or 2 single pulleys on the crank. Maybe someone took the front one off or exchanged the double for a single. You could also check around on other engines that had belt pulleys and find a water pump one that would set back farther on the water pump. A lot of water pumps use the same bolt pattern on the water pump no matter what manufacturer. I have interchanged Chevies, Mopars, etc. to get where I need. Most have 1/4" bolts. Now on my Ford tractor, I used a Jeep 6 blade fan for better cooling. The pump bolt hole circle was just slightly off or just slightly larger. So I drilled the 4 bolt holes in the fan to 5/16". The fan bolted right up with the bolts just toughing the inside edge of the hole, which keeps it centered. Just measure your bolt circle diameter, the pulley diameter and how deep you need it to set back. Then go looking around at other vehicle. You could also just hunt up another crank double pulley. I am sure there are a lot of them stuck on the shelf or junk piles in hemi guy's garages. Like I mentioned before, I have seen them with a factory double pulley and also with a second single pulley bolted on. Hope this helps.
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