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Re: Crankshaft drilling??

I am not familiar with the adapter that you are using and how far back it sets the trans from the engine. I usually use the old 3/4" hemi factory adapter and add adapter indexing pins, cut off the lower section and a late small block aluminum bell housing. Then I use the Hot Heads crankshaft/flywheel adapter. You tell HH the diameter of the trans input end and they ship it with the proper size bronze bushing or buy the right bushing at you local auto parts. HH is easier!! Already installed. This sets the flywheel out just right for me for a late starter. Oh sometime I may shim the starter, but it all works for me. So if you have an old 3/4" adapter plate and get a flywheel adapter from HH (about $75 or $80 plus ship) it may solve the issue. Best to measure, remeasure, think on it and remeasure. Don't cut, drill, etc. until you are sure. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
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