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RS: A few years back, I bought a T-56 Magnum trans from the Keisler Bros. with a PO that specified it had to fit a '55 Chevy V8 bellhousing and have the throw out bearing installed. Keisler is out of business now. I had some trouble getting the correct Chevy bolt pattern but when the trans arrived, it was beautiful and everything I wanted. Using our Chevy manual trans adapter I had it installed in one evening.
The car and driver both enjoy traveling at 70 MPH @ 1,800 rpm.
Have fun,

> Been noticing a lot of T56 transmissions on the resell market. Had one in a Viper I used to own. Got to thinking, I thought I heard the V10 was just a 360 with two extra cylinders. If so would the bell housing be basically a small block bolt pattern and in turn work with one of Hothead's transmission adapters.
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