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Re: Don Fromader's article

The last time I talked to Doc, he had been terribly ill and was hoping to recover soon and get the site back up. That's why I left it in links.
It's been so long now I guess I need to remove it. I can always put it back.
Doc has a lot of knowledge and is glad to share it when he can.
Lets all wish him a full recovery, Bob

> Poking around on the internet the past few days I've come across at least a dozen references to Don Fromader's article on building up a Dodge 315 hemi on a website called I've been there, and there's no such article anywhere. Does ANYBODY, ANYWHERE happen to have a copy of that article? It appears to me that website is just not what it used to be somehow. Many, many dead links. Anyway, I'd be one very happy camper if someone could send me a copy of that article to Thanks so much!
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