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I've got more info from the seller, and have read enough to know what options I have.

He has a set of 55-56 (not 54) heads w/casting code 1632159-1. I've found these are 55-56 331 Industrial heads.

He has a set of 56 354 heads casting 1819823-1.

So my question: Is the work & money worth it to use the 55+ 331 or 354 heads worth it, or should I stick with the 51-53 "low flow" heads I have? I'll have to add a water cross over w/t-stat housing/water neck.

I'm putting this motor into a 39 Plymouth coupe. It will be a 'hot rod' street driver. Just looking for fun and reliable. Should I keep it simple or will switching to newer heads be worth the extra power? It won't be a race car, I'm not trying to get 600 hp. I think 300+ would make the car fast enough for street driving.
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