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gunnibronco: 1556157 = '55 car
1632159 = truck
1619823 = '56 car

The other numbers are not list and hard to read many times. This information came from the "Hemi Engine Data book" We sell for $14.95.
If you go to swap meets you need this in your back pocket.
Hope this helps, Bob

> I'm hoping to get some advice on some heads I have a chance to buy. I'm not an expert and trying to buy good parts at good price for a long term build.
> Over the last few years I have bought 2 51-53 extended bell housing 331s. Both disassembled. Both motors have a set of early heads with rockers. I have one set of exhaust manifolds. One motor came with a ceramic coated Weiand 2x4 intake with carter carbs (no tstat in manifold). One motor came with a 1954 4bbl factory intake manifold (tstat in manifold).
> I expect I will bore the block out. I'd like to go up to the 354 bore size, assuming one of my blocks is solid enough.
> From what I've read the early heads don't flow well. I'm guessing that both the 1954 4bbl and the Weiand 2x4 would outflow the heads.
> I've found someone selling several sets of heads, rockers, and exhaust manifolds.
> He has a single 1955 head (casting #1556157-1).
> He has what he claims is a matching 1954-55 set (casting #1632158-1 & 1832159-1- I'm wondering if this is actually 1632159-1). These numbers don't match what I've found on line. Are these actually 54/55 heads? One google search came up with 54/55 Dodge truck heads. Are they better than my 51-53 heads? Do I need matching rockers & exhaust manifolds or will my 331 rockers & exhaust work?
> He also has what appears to be 3x 1956 354 heads (castings 1619823-1). Would these be a good head for my motor?
> The prices seem fair but they are a long drive away (4 hours each way). I don't know what to look for and really don't want to drive that far if it's not what I want.
> Thanks.
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