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I think it is sad, when I ask a legitimate question and get dumb replies. Before I asked about using Spectra Chrome paint on my one intake. I got a bunch of people calling me cheap, etc. They said get it chromed, but I wanted the gold plated look. Real gold was super outrages. Well I went ahead and had it done with Spectra Chrome Gold. It looks great and holding up well to the engine heat.

Now for the manifold, I don't know of anyone selling aluminum tall deck 4 barrel intakes. I thought if someone was selling them, then someone would point me in the direction. I have a couple aluminum low deck units and I also have a couple tall deck cast iron 4 barrel units.

So mine was a real legitimate inquiry, not bragging. So does anyone know of anyone making tall deck aluminum 4 barrel manifolds for the 325 Dodge or spacers to mate the low deck manifold to the tall deck engine?

Thanks for any real help!
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