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SN identification

Starting on a project and need help with identification of motors.
I recently picked up 2 vintage Hemi engines. Both have SN stamped on the top rail by the valley cover, But I can not find the numbers listed on any of the SN logs. Wondering if anybody has additional information.
One engine was removed from a 1 1/2 ton Dodge truck and has the number VT 348. Close as I can come up is a VT346 truck motor being a 241 or 270 cid
Second engine was removed from a school bus and has the number B2677. I find very little reference to any numbers of B.
Help would be appreciated.
thanks Rick
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Re: SN identification
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>VT 348. 331 Chrysler truck hemi
B2677. The casting number will be on the passenger side between the valley cover & the valve cover twords the back of the engine. B seems to be a weight rating for truck engines.

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