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Alternator relocation - 241

I have a 30 Plymouth with a 241. It ca me with a single wire gm early alternator mounted high above the left head. I want to lower it so it won't block the view of the engine. I got a local armature shop to modify a new gm alternator so the output wire is mounted to the side, not the rear. This allows it to fit low and have the pulleys aligned.

The car came with a Speedway front motor mount. It appears I'll need to fabricate a bracket and weld it to the front motor mount bracket. This would put the swivel point on the bottom and the adjusting bracket above. Hot Heads has a bracket, but I'd have to change the cam, front cover, motor mounts, etc.

Has anybody successfully lowered the alternator on a stock engine? Does anyone make a bracket which would mount to the waterpump housing allowing a top swivel point? Thanks.
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Re: Alternator relocation - 241
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Look at the Vintage Hemi Lovers page on Facebook... There are some pictures of different low mount alternators...

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