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Hemi Chrome

I have been getting a lot of parts chrome plated on my toys. I have heard a lot about chrome paint. One brand name of this type is Spectra Chrome. I have a few quotes on hemi valve covers, intakes, etc. It is quite a bit cheaper than regular chrome. The people assure me that it is very durable like chrome. My question is, how does it hold up with engine heat., like on intakes and valve covers. Also like how about weathering with an open engine bay. It is like a silver chrome paint with a clear coat or a color tint in the clear coat. I worry about my hemi valve covers clear coat turning yellow over time. Also if driving to a run somewhere and getting rain on the hot surface, will that be an issues? Has anyone here had any experience with this type stuff? Thanks for any input. FYI - the full length headers will be ceramic coated, not chrome paint.
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on: Tue 01 of Jan, 2019 [19:42 UTC] reads: 7914

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Re: Hemi Chrome
on: Wed 02 of Jan, 2019 [17:28 UTC] score: 0.00
First off I have never used Alsa or any other paint product for chrome. I send my chrome To Space Coast and pay dearly. But the fake chrome is a paint product whereas real chrome is pure metal and a hard metal at that. There is no substitute for real chrome in my book . It just lacks the total overall gloss of real metal. Copper Nickle Chrome = triple show plating. Call up Alsa and ask them They should know the product.

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Re: Hemi Chrome
on: Wed 02 of Jan, 2019 [12:33 UTC] score: 0.00
Wrong forum. Try google. Fake chrome is just that. And I wouldn’t do intake at all.

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