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Checy Monza 354 Hemi
Chevy Monza w/354 Hemi
Wilko Brothers, NY
Blown 331 Hemi
"Salt Shaker" w/Blown 331
Tom F. Littich, Germany
T-Bucket Hemi
T-Bucket w/'53 276 DeSoto Hemi
Bill Mewhinney
1934 Ford
'34 Ford w/331 Hemi
Dennis Akers, ID
1948 DeSoto
'48 DeSoto w/ '51 Hemi
Reuben Peraza
Hemi Hot Rod
Hemi Hot Rod
Joe Goodrich, WV
1931 Model A
1931 Model A
Ron Patenaude, FL
1940 Willys
'40 Willys 4-Door
George Anderson & Sons, NV
Anglia Hemi
Jesse Williams, TX
Falcon with Hemi
Falcon w/Hot Heads Hemi
Brian Devincenzi
354 Hemi
'32 5-Window w/354
Jay Carey
1929 Model A Tudor
'29 Model A Tudor w/'56 354 Hemi
Todd Sherrod, PA
Polara w/ 354/365 Hemi
John Morris
Speedweek '09
Steinegger & Eshenbaugh
Bonneville Speedweek '09

'68 Hemi Boat
John Spencer & Son

Ray Hoffman's 392 powered
'34 Ford coupe, Australia
DeSoto Hemi
'34 Plymouth w/DeSoto Hemi
Dave Foshee
354 Hemi Truck
354 Hemi Truck
Chuck Phillips, PA
1927 Dodge Truck
'27 Dodge Truck w/392 Hemi
Dale Enderud, KS
39 Dodge Luxury Liner
'39 Dodge Luxury Liner
Andy, B.C., Canada
1932 Fords
'32 Fords w/Hemis
Ellard Lambert, TX
1932 Plymouth
'32 Plymouth w/392 Hemi
Jerry Davenport, KY
Hemi Roadster
Joyce & Pat Donnell's
Kieft DeSoto
Kieft DeSoto Replica
Greg Snape, Australia
Nitro Dragster
Nitro Dragster
Kin Bates, Sr.
354 Hemi T-Bucket
354 Hemi T-Bucket
Mark Wade, TX
1938 Plymouth Truck
'38 Plymouth Truck w/270
Gabe Robbins, KS
1941 Willys
'41 Willys w/392
Rick Price
'34 Plymouth
'34 Plymouth w/241
Jerry L. Rhodes
1933 Terraplane
'33 Terraplane w/392
John Clifford
1929 Dodge Sedan
'29 Dodge w/341
Archie Jen, nada
'32 Hemi Project
'32 Build Project
Gary Gould
1952 Indy Racer
1952 Indy Racer
Joe Freeman
'55 Chevy, 392 Hemi
'55 Gasser w/392
Dan Uhing, NE
1932 Deuce Coupe
'32 Deuce Coupe w/392
Joe Dinsmore
1931 Plymouth Hemi
'31 Plymouth Coupe
Jim Maibach
241 Dodge T-Bucket
T-Bucket w/241 Dodge
Bob Pershing, OH
1935 Plymouth Coupe
'35 Plymouth Coupe w/354
Charlie Bartlett, IL
1945 Army Truck Hemi
'45 Army Truck w/354
Gabe Robbins
1933 Ford Roadster
31 Ford Roadster PU 330 Desoto
Bob Baier, CA
67 Jet Boat
'67 Jet Boat
Creg Crones, WA
1964 Hemi
'64 A100 392 Rear Engine
Jerry Nebbia, CA
62 Volvo Hemi
'62 Volvo with 417
Jan Lundholm, Sweden
33 Fiat
'33 Fiat Balilla
Bobby D'Agostino, MA

58 Marine Hemi
Jerry Lutzke's First Fire Up
Marine Hemi Video

32 Dodge Pickup
'32 Dodge Bros. Pick-Up
Red Thrasher, KY
Oz Rods
Oz Rods & Restoration
Hemi Hot Rod
Hemi Fiat
Brent Seaman's Fiat
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hemi Custom Coupe
'60's Custom Coupe
John Butchko
1934 Dodge, 1958 Hemi
'34 Dodge Coupe '58 392 Hemi
Pete Hendrickson, MT
1934 Ford Roadster
Bo Jensen's '34 Ford Roadster
270 Super Red Ram, Sweden
Bedacht Hemi
Frank Bedacht, NJ
Hemi Deuce Coupe
H Coupe
John Fondriest
Hemi A Coupe
Hemi Powered A Coupe
Mike & Jenise Lithgow

392 Hemi, '68 Camaro
'68 Camaro with 392 Hemi
Glenn Snyder, TX

Kumka, '57 Chevy
'57 Chevy
Walter Kumka, NJ

1927 Dodge
'27 Dodge
Bob Leanzo

'34 Plymouth Hemi Project
'34 Plymouth with 331 Hemi
Rob Schwartz
Hemi Hauler
Tom Manner's
Hemi Hauler
Deuce Roadster
Deuce Roadster
Neil Buck and Butch Leitch
Gas Dragster
Gopher Twin AA
Gas Dragster

Rick Ackerman
Purgatory Racing
Hemi Coupe
Wayne DeMarr's Coupe
57 Imperial Hemi
Chris Rennhard's '57
Imperial, Switzerland
Hemi Roadster
SCTA C Fuel Roadster
Steinegger & Eshenbaugh
4 Deuce A Hemi
Rich Holte's
4 Deuce 'A'
56 New Yorker
'56 Chrysler New Yorker

Tom & Lori Beebe
Plymouth Fury
'57 Plymouth Fury
Dave Bossler
1932 Ford
Kevin Whitman's '32 Ford

'53 Chrysler Marine Runabout
Tom Cathcart, WA
1955 Chrysler
'55 Chrysler
Jean-Louis Napert, Canada
29 Ford Coupe
'29 Ford Coupe w/331 Hemi

Al Judnich
1962 Dodge Phoenix
392 Powered '62 Dodge
Warren & Rachel, Australia
Model A Ford
Model A Ford
Chris Zynda
Deuce Roadster
Dave Dell'Aringa's Dodge
Powered Deuce Roadster
Blown DeSoto
Bill Gippert's
Blown DeSoto
331 Hot Rod
Rich Smerkar's
331 Hot Rod

Ron Pellegrini's 392 powered
Mustang owned by Bob Schramm

Hot Rod Reunion
National Hot Rod Reunion 2003

Robert Walker, Jr., Driver & Co-Owner of the Power Play Race Car.

Dominic Paris Blown Twin Engine Hemi Rail

Rico Paris "The Innovator" and Friends.

Randy Sacksteader's "Awesome Hemi-Fied" Willys Coupe.

Bob & Gasser Legend Junior Thompson Showing Off Junior's "Hot Heads" T-Shirt.

Bob & Debra with Friend/Customer/Legend Fred Bear of the S & S Racing Team.

Carl Meese told Debra she could make the next pass, but after the warm-up she decided she didn't have the right equipment.

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