331 / 354 / 392 Chrysler Hemis 1951-1958
High Rise Dual Plane Manifold Click photo to enlarge.

The Hot Heads cast aluminum 4 bbl dual plane manifold has proven its ability to make massive horse power in the Engine Masters Challenge and on the street. Hot Heads has recently improved the mounting flange so that the intake now fits all early Chrysler heads including truck & marine. With an RPM range from idle to 6,500, it produces excellent low and mid-range torque making it perfect for street applications. The open design on the exterior of the port runners allows air circulation around each runner producing a cooler air/fuel mixture for increased power. It will accomodate most 4 BBL carbs and is available with a flat or 4° angled (in relation to the crankshaft) carb mounting surface. The flat mount is commonly used when the engine is installed parallel to the ground as on '30's and '40's cars, while the angled mount tilts the carb forward to keep it level to the ground on motors that slope back toward the rear end as on '50's and '60's cars. Includes stainless steel fasteners. We also carry finned air cleaners for this intake.
P/N 50020 HOT HEADS 4 BBL Manifold Flat Carb Mount - Satin $ 375.00
P/N 50000 HOT HEADS 4 BBL Manifold 4 degree Carb Mount - Satin $ 375.00

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