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Hemi Rear Sump Oil Pan

Full Sump Oil Pan  Full Sump Oil Pan Click photos to enlarge.

Fabricated sheet aluminum oil pans include baffling magnetic drain plugs and windage tray. Rear sump pan is 8" deep by 10" and front depth is 4 1/2". Oil capacity is 6 quarts.
Full sump pan is 8" rear depth and 7" front with an 8 quart capacity. Use silicone for end seals

P/N 21802 Aluminum Rear Sump Oil Pan
$ 480.00
P/N 21803
Aluminum Full Sump Oil Pan
$ 498.00
P/N 21805
Aluminum Rear Sump Oil Pan  '51 -'54 car, all Truck and Marine
$ 480.00

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