H Beam Rods

Forged H Beam Rods - Chrysler

 Forged H Beam Rod Hemi

You can spend the same amount of money to refurbish your original connecting rods, but they're still 50 year old rods! Why take a chance with your engine? Our forged "H" beam rods are heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened and magnafluxed to guarantee you receive a superior rod free of defects. The 392 rods use ARP 2000 cap screws and the 331/354 rods use ARP 8740 cap screws.
P/N 21720 Forged H Beam Rods - 392 (use 426/440 rod bearings) $ 600./set
P/N 21721                                                                                           426 Rod Bearings $ 129./set
P/N 21730 Forged H Beam Rods - 331 / 354 (use 400 Pontiac bearings) $ 600./set
P/N 21731 400 Rod Bearings $ 104.88

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