Hi-Torque Mini Starter

Hi-Torque Mini Starter - Chrysler

Hemi High Torque Starters

A power house of a starter in a light 7 pound package. It will spin engine at a high RPM without that "reduction gear growl." These light weight gear reduction starters provide twice the torque of conventional starters. Designed to fit Hot Heads transmission adapters. Available chrome plated or painted.
P/N 29185 Hi-Torque Mini Starter, Painted $ 175.00
P/N 29185C Hi-Torque Mini Starter, Chrome $ 258.00
Mini Starter
  • Billet Aluminum Adapter Block
  • 4.4:1 Gear Reduction Ratio
  • Cranking Power For up to 18:1 Compression
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs.
P/N 29181 Clockable Hi-Torque Mini Starter $228

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