Hot Heads Valve Covers

Hot Heads Cast Aluminum Valve Covers - Chrysler

Hot Heads Hemi Valve Covers
HOT HEADS original design features more valve spring room to accomodate larger springs. Taller to accomodate adjustable rocker arms and raised geometry. Smooth rounded design with short fins on spark plug wire platform. Machinable boss on inside of cover for 1 1/2 - 12 TPI oil cap. Valve covers are easily modified to accept most breathers. O-ringed to accept any spark plug tube. Includes stainless hardware. Available satin or polished.
P/N 21502 Hot Heads Finned - Satin $   940.00/pr
P/N 21502P Hot Heads Finned - Polished $  1,080.00/pr
P/N 90800 Valve cover gaskets - Cork $   22.00/pr
P/N 90801 Valve cover gaskets - Black Fiber $   16.60/pr

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