Motor Mount Kit

Motor Mount Kit - Dodge

 Dodge Hemi Motor Mount Kits

These formed motor mounts are constructed of heavy gauge steel and weld directly to your frame. The cushion is constructed of a space age material that is far superior to rubber. Impervious to gas and oil, it offers greater shock and sound absorption and won't break down and fall like a standard rubber "biscuit" engine mount. The kit includes two engine mounts, two cushions, two frame adapters, and stainless steel hardware. Kits are available for 26" frame widths. 3" wider kits are available if requested.
P/N 26955 Motor Mount Kit 315/325 $ 167.00
P/N 20722 Motor Mount Kit - All Dodge $ 223.95
Part Number 20722 includes rabbit ear type motor mounts and is especially useful on 241/270 Hemis.  This kit requires short nose cam and Hot Heads timing cover.

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