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Chrysler 354 Spitfire

I need some help choosing a camshaft for my 354 Spitfire.
Info: 57' Chrysler 354 Spitfire, stock bore & stroke, 9 to 1 compression, Weiand dual quad intake with two Edelbrock AVS 2 carbs, factory heads/factory valves (2.0 Intake, 1.5 exhaust) mildly ported/debured/flashing removerd & gasket matched, roller timing chain, Converted HV 340 oil pump, 6qrt oil pan, BBC electric water pump, Joe White custom electric Distributor (will be tuned to camshaft & specs), 2" Sand lake headers,

Other info: iron case torqueflight trans, 4:11 gear, 29.5 inch tire, 2100lb, 31' Dodge,

Any recommendations? Would prefer to stay within the Hot Heads community.

Bob what do you think sir? Thanks, Erick
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