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My 37 Plymouth pickup is light weight. The 325 Dodge has a hydraulic roller cam and 10 - 1 pistons. The 5 speed is a NV3500 which is an overdrive. Mine has the gear ratio of 1st - 3.49, 2nd - 2.14, 3rd - 1.38, 4th - 1.0, 5th - .73. Hope that helps in figure out the best gears. I live about 3 miles from the highway. Then it is 4 lane highway to where ever I go. The truck weighs close to about 2800 pounds, so make it 3000 with me in it. I don't want to race. Just have fun and now and then fast take offs. Will run 15" rims with regular wide tires. They will be about 28 to 29 inches tall. I am considering a Dakota, which are the Ford / Mopar 5 lug 4 1/2 from 87 through 1990 then 6 lug, but supposedly the 87 through 90 5 lug axles interchange with the 6 lug axle in the housings.
You just have to use the same size, like 8.25 to 8.25 or 9.25 to 9.25. Also looking at old Mopar car stuff. Also Ford stuff will work. Hope this give you a better idea on what to suggest to work best.
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