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It has been a while, like years. The newer small block Mopars are exactly the same bolt pattern as the old hemis. The difference is the indexing pin locations. If I can remember I installed copper wire crimp sleeves in the adapter plate. I used the 3/4 inch thick one. Then drilled the holes perfectly for the bolts to fit without wobbling. next I took a later bellhousing and did the same. I removed the bellhousing 1/2" indexing pins. I have several extras. I cut one in half so it would be flush with the hole opening. Then drilled an 1/8" hole centered in it. Then cut an 1/8" welding rod just long enough to stick out of the indexing pin maybe 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch and ground the end to a point.. Then stuck the pin in the indexing pin in the bellhousing. I had figured where the pin would hit the adapter and had fill welded the groove closed. Now I bolted the bellhousing though the adapter plate to engine block. This causes the pointy welding rods to indent the adapter plate. Then you use a small drill to make a pilot hole and the work up in size to the 1/2" hole. Then you can remove all the copper sleeves from the bolt holes and install full length indexing pins in the bellhousing. Next I buy a crank shaft adapter from Hot Heads with the proper size bushing to fit my transmission input shaft. I always use the 172 tooth flywheel, so any modern Mopar starter works. You can always change a 146 to 172 tooth. You can work on the starter mounting. Either shim or grind some off to get it to clear and also pull the gear into the flywheel. Like I say, it has been years. Anyway that is how I made my adapters. You may try it with out the HH adapter. The main idea it to shim the bolt holes to center everything. I have a bunch of adapters in the barn. Maybe I'll make a few on of these days.
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