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> So I'm a retired old guy who is now trying to troubleshoot a 331 Hemi.
> I have a lifetime of experience, really I do.
> So I've got this 331 in a hot rid thats been sitting, valve covers off after completing a compression test, all holes 135 to 160. I'm sitting there pondering and spin one of the pushrods and it looks bent. Doesn't turn true, I spin all the rest and maybe 5 don't spin true but the rest look fine.
> Honestly I've not touched one of these in 45 years, that said on of the engine tests was to roll the pushrods on a piece of glass to see it they are true.
> This engine isn't mine, I'm the chief flunky, but I question if the push rods are straight. I know on other engines I'd take it apart and test and examine, I can't do that today.
> Someone's thoughts who has more experience on this engine and its parts thanI do?
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