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Re: ARP head studs hit valve cover?

> My ARP studs hit the stock valve covers on my 354 hemi. Is this normal? How do I correct this? Thought about trimming bottom of stud and removing the washer under the nut. Will that be ok? Also will the Hot Heads aluminum valve covers clear them if I don't shorten them? Thanks!

same issue 392 with 300d covers . I cut 3/8” off stud coarse thread end . That is ok as it still bottoms on factory tap . if you knew before building short block might tap deeper at machine shop but not sure of drill depth . makes big mess later . as long as not more than a thread or two down into nut at top you are fine . I measured , tip of stock arp lifts cover about 1/4 off metal with hh heads . so cut 3/8 should be fine . use thick cork valve gasket , adds to that 1/8” Thank you to Eric too

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