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Well I talked to a guy who did what I did. He used copper tubing in the adapter and in the bellhousing. Then used a drill the size of the bolts. This is mainly to center up the plate and the housing. Then he did the heli-arc on the aluminum adapter to fill the grooves and then grind the area flat. He used the 3/4" thick ones. Next he did the bit with installing the half of an indexing pin and the welding rod in the bell housing indexing holes. Then he bolted the adapter to the bellhousing with nuts and bolts to imprint the adapter plate. The took it apart and started small and worked up in size on a drill press for the indexing pin holes. He said you may or may not need the crank adapter depending on which transmission you use, auto or manual. He also said that you may or may not have to grind / trim on the starter mount area depending on the flywheel location. Like I said before, it has been 10 to 15 years since I have done one. Just think about what you are doing and feel your way through it. I use the flywheels that I can use modern starters. This way, I can run down to the local yard or auto parts store, if it goes out. I actually have a bunch of adapters in the barn. I may even have one made up out there some place. Hope this helps.
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