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Re: Looking for cam builder for 270 Hemi

I'm looking for a cam builder for a 1955 270 Hemi.

I am too, presently I found Engle cam and kit, NOS, 60's vintage but before that was looking at making billet steel to get ground into a modern profile roller , press / pin /keyed on some ? cut from 318 mopar distributor gear . Making steel core for a roller on lathe not too bad except for gear.

I talked a bit to Oregon Cam, they had rebuilt a few wiped hemi dodge cams by welding a bad lobe. They are aware of all this , might be able to help. They guarantee welded lobes within reason

Be aware, like Chrysler hemi LB and RB, small dodge hemi cam physically interchange but different lifter angles mean it wont work . While doing 270 dodge stuff, came across info that stock 270 head is better on a 270 than 315/325 head, and people who did that for valves lost horsepower. Also Honda rod can fit by turning rod journal a bit. Helpful, my crank had the hurt, small dodge rod bearings rare too .Will be Custom piston anyway , Stock rods not so good.

Check out Billy Rasmussen if you can find info. In 12's with 270 57-62 ,won ?C/A at nats , beat 1000's of 283 chevs
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