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Re: ARP head studs hit valve cover?

> My ARP studs hit the stock valve covers on my 354 hemi. Is this normal? How do I correct this? Thought about trimming bottom of stud and removing the washer under the nut. Will that be ok? Also will the Hot Heads aluminum valve covers clear them if I don't shorten them? Thanks!

Ok did this yesterday 3/8 off arp studs . came up a bit short in that a few were down in nut but only about one turn so left off washers. I see no problem with that , nuts are flared out and machined perfectly flat, just as wide as any washer , lube under them. Valve covers fine

One issue is do not use arp recommendation with 1/2 studs of of 110 ft lb on fine threads, I think you may pull out block end and no need for so much clamp.

Using 85 ft/lb (Chrysler value) but on fine treads ?? I Thought would up clamp a lot and pull too ,worried me about pulling studs. But checked Machinery Handbook, fine and coarse threads at 85 ft lbs about the same. I do not understand that at all, must be a lot more friction (!) at high pulls on fine thread. Should be 1.3 x more pull due to fine thread alone at a torque but actually within 5% of same pull. About 10k per bolt lubed. Mystified but I believe MH , have not gone to 85 et, at 60 seems happy. Going to 80 at least. Studs good for 110, just coastin.

Next time , 5/16 off would be better , no washer, and they vary , or tap deeper 3/8"
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