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PT: I wish someone made a 350 4 Bbl. but they don't. The best set up we've found requires two off set carb adapters to run 2ea, 390 cfm. Holleys. And they will probably need rejetting. We have a customer who, after jetting down, with one of our cams, etc, brags on the increased power and gets 23+ mpg. Good luck, Hot Head Bob

> Hi, I have a 392 HEMI I'm in the process of building and I need a little advice. When I got the motor, the seller also gave me a new Weiand dual quad intake for the 392. I've had cars with multiple carbs in the past and they can be a pain but they sure look good sitting on top of a HEMI engine! I do own the Hot Heads high rise single four barrel and a new Edelbrock 750 cfm carb but I'm still kicking the idea of dual carbs around. The upgrades to my motor are as follows: Bored .30 over with the hot heads 10 to 1 pistons, the aluminum 331 copy heads, aluminum bbc water pump, aluminum flywheel, msd ignition and distributor and long tube headers. What I want to know is anyone out there running dual quads with a similar setup? If so, what carbs do you suggest and what kind of timing and horsepower numbers can I expect? I thank you in advance.
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