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> i would like to use a auto trans with an overdrive any one have any ides as what would be best to use and what adapter to use. for a 56 354

I recommend the Mopar A-518 aka 46RH. It is just like the small block 727 automatic. It ran in gas powered (mostly 360 cu in) pickups from 89 through the mid-90’s as I remember. It is fully hydraulic and has a 30% overdrive and converter lockup. Both the OD and the lockup are solenoid activated so no computer is required. There are some pretty simple hacks to get the OD and lockup rigged to work automatically. They are described in one or more of the links below. I have the simple setup with two pressure switches and a vacuum switch in my Studebaker with a 57 325 hemi. I recommend getting adjustable pressure and vacuum switches so you can fine-tune the OD/Lockup actuation and kickdown to your particular taste. I used a universal crossmember kit from speedway for the rear tranny mount. which one to order will depend on the drop amount you need with your frame.

The links below are in no particular order. They link to information and sources for everything you’ll need if you want to put a Mopar automatic behind your early hemi.

You can also use a 727 (no overdrive, but the same basic transmission.) The adapters and flex plate are the same. The 727's are getting a little harder to find but the 46RH's are plentiful.

Good luck!


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