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> Can anyone provide me with a tracing of an adapter that adapts A833 to Chrysler hemi ? I will pay for it.

Hey Dave,

You may have already seen this YouTube series already.

It is a step-by-step on HOW TO ADAPT ANY ENGINE TO ANY TRANSMISSION. It is really good... describes and clearly explains each technique required to machine your own adapters with very basic machine tools. Probably need to have a mill and a band saw at the minimum. You mention that you have a machine shop so I suspect you have those tools and the Know-how to use them.

It's an interesting video with a lot of tips and techniques that transfer well to other hot rodding fab projects as well.

I hear ya Dave. Fabbing parts yourself is a very satisfying exercise. Throwing money at problems has become the new normal in Hot Rodding and I'll admit, it does save a lot of time (I'm not sure it always saves money.) But is it essence of true "Rodding"?? Each person has their own desire and skill levels, money, and free time limits, so one man's justification may not be the same as the next. Good luck Dave!
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