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Re: Ignition Timing Tuning

the hemi likes a max. of 30 degrees total timing, unless the dyno likes 31 or 29 better. Idle is 8 to 12, which ever makes it happy. Have fun, Bob.

> Hello All,
> I was wondering if anyone here has a good Timing Table for our 1st Gen Hemis?
> I've got a '55 331, with 10:1 compression, factory cam, Hot Heads 4bbl intake, and Holley Sniper EFI with their HyperSpark Ignition system. It's in an '82 D-150, with A-518, 3.23 gears, and is just a cruiser, street, daily driven truck.
> So with the HyperSpark I can create and change my own Timing Tables. Its exactly like Holleys Dominator, Terminator and HP EFI systems, if anyone has used them, just a Vacuum over RPM table. I was hoping someone may have a good Holley Timing Table I could start with for a similar application?
> If not, if anyone else has a set-up similar to mine (street cruiser) that knows where I should start? Like what's your Mech Adv? When does it kick in, kick out? Initial and Max Timing? Idle speed? Also Vacuum Adv curve? Then I can take that knowledge and make my own Timing Table.
> I do appreciate any and all help.
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