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Re: 331 hemi with backfiring problems

Is this a new build or has it been in place for a while and has run well in the past? Is it popping in the exhaust or through the intake? What does a compression check show? Is the vacuum steady or bouncy? Lots of clues can be had from those tests.

Does the mechanical advance work on your distributor? Have you confirmed the base and full advance timing settings? It should at full advance by 3000 rpm. You can rule out vacuum advance as the culprit -- it is not in play under acceleration.

If your full mechanical advance is between 28 and 32, then it shouldn't be popping because of SPARK timing. I always suspect VALVE timing next. Those "2 deg advance-straight up-2 deg retard" timing sets can be confusing to install. If that was set up wrong, it'll run but may give the symptom you are experiencing. Not necessarily the easiest thing to confirm but if everything else is right, that's all that's left.

Don't ask me how I learned this. confused Hope it helps,

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