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Re: Ignition Timing Tuning

I guess I was asking for a miracle when I posted this question here.

The problem with just spitting out timing numbers like that, is there's no context. I know that I have to do the tuning for my specific vehicle, but as I said, I'm looking for a good base line. Is your idle 300rpm or 1500rpm, same with 30deg, are you all in super early at 2000rpm or 5000rpm?

I'm looking for someone with maybe a similar setup to mine, or with experience to help me get to a good starting point is all, I can go from there. I'm not asking anything very specific, really.

Even if you don't have the same exact thing as me, you got a super light Miata with 330 DeSoto and 6 speed, what are your numbers and what way would you tweak them for something like my cruiser? I'm looking for knowledge here for people working on this specific engine, not done sbc builder who throws 60deg to make power.

I might be just spinning my wheels here.
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