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331 Hemi Coolant in Oil
on: Fri 31 of Dec, 2021 [17:10 UTC] score: 0.00
I've just completed building my 1955 331 hemi and have been running it to break in the solid lifter cam. It's only been run for a combined time of maybe twenty minutes due to having to shut it down to reseal the bottom four bolts on the exhaust manifolds that started seeping coolant once it started getting hot. After running it yesterday for about ten minutes and it getting to operating temperature I shut it down again after noticing steam and a good bit of water vapor coming out of the breather. I checked the oil and found that at least a couple of quarts of coolant made it to the crankcase. I was wondering where I should start looking first for the leak. The head gaskets are brand new Fel-Pro. Could I have installed them upside down and caused this? Also the block was in pretty rough shape from years of sitting outside. The machine shop sleeved one cylinder and also drilled and tapped a hole in the bottom of the block where there was some pitting coming through from the water jacket. It's a 3/8 pipe plug about 1/8" from a cylinder. Aside from the leak the engine runs great. No white smoke and no misses. If there's anything else I should look for I'd appreciate some guidance. Hope everyone has a happy New Year. Thanks!

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