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392 fun

I am logged in as oldrat46, new phone lost password, actually been here awhile.
Anyway been playing with a 392 equipped 46 Plymouth for years. In an attempt to get it to run correctly I have changed many things carburetion ,timing ,advance springs ,and advanced stops. Always ran ok, never awesome.
Recently with a timing light on it, I noticed the advance didn’t happen while revving the engine. Thinking I had a bad timing light I switch timing lights same result.
Send the distributor back to MSD for the second time describing the problem this time they tell me the “ Fly weights“ were installed backwards.
Got the distributor back time the engine took it for a ride and boy was I astonished! Car now runs as it should! Of course I am still playing with it as I think I can get a little more out of it.
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Success is sweet!

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