1933 Ford Tudor with 1953 241 Dodge Hemi
Submitted by Lon Miller
1933 Ford Tudor
1933 Ford Tudor 1933 Ford Tudor

Built with parts from you folks. Just thought you'd like to see it. 241 with three 97s and 3 X 2 special (fake) oil bath air cleaner. Dead stock engine specs. Not a ball of fire but runs very smoothly; it's a delight to drive. T-10 with special shifting mechanism that allows the Ford swan neck shift lever to be mounted above the trans where Henry Ford determined it should be. Stock 33 seats mean that the usual shift lever cannot be mounted on the trans tail shaft. Note the vacuum line from #3 carb that supplies venturi vacuum for the stock 53 Dodge distributor's vacuum advance. Used a #22 drill to get a 'port' in the reasonably correct position in the bore of the 97. Believe it or not, it produces a near stock advance curve. At present installing a Columbia two speed axle to replace the 9 inch. Was painted in the mid 70s and had a silly SBC engine at that time. Body has never been off the frame and is rust free.
Best regards,
Lon Miller

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