1932 Ford AA/Street Roadster with 392 Hemi
Submitted by Bill Porterfield
1932 Ford
1932 Ford 1932 Ford
1932 Ford 1932 Ford
1932 Ford The car was originally built to the AA/SR rulebook. Guys were raising the cars up to ridicules heights to create weight transfer and traction with the old ‘Pie Crust’ slicks. NHRA had to create a rule stipulating that the center of the front of the crankshaft could be no higher than 24” high. When the M&H wrinkle-wall tires were introduced in 1966 most of the cars were either modified and lowered to remain legal or converted for street use. The engine is a 392/421” hemi with top shelf internals. I had it built to race the car; then I got involved with a couple of blown, nitro funny cars that we cackle at nostalgia events.

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