1958 Dodge Sweptside Custom
Submitted by Bob Spadavecchia, New York
This is my 1958 custom Dodge sweptside. it has a 392 hemi mild cam, dual quads otherwise stock engine. 518 torqueflite OD tranny, shortened 8 3/4 mopar rear with air bags, Mustang II front end. the Fins are off of a 1957 De Soto. the color scheme is the original factory colors for that year truck with pearl added.. the graphics were done to original layout by Dodge. This was a four year project using Hot Heads parts. Fun to drive and will be the tow vehicle of a nostalgic front engine 392 hemi dragster (in Progress).
1958 Dodge Sweptside 1958 Dodge Sweptside
1958 Dodge Sweptside 1958 Dodge Sweptsid

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