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MSD Pro-Billet Ready-to-Run Distributor - Chrysler

MSD Pro Distributor Hemi It takes exacting spark control and superior timing to build power. MSD's new ready to run Pro Billet distributor is the perfect upgrade from erratic breaker points or weak electronic ignitions. The Pro Billet distributor features a maintenance free magnetic pickup triggering a built-in ignition module that produces a high output spark with improved timing and better spark control. The mechanical advance assembly can be tailored to match your specific engine's power curve, while the vacuum advance helps increase economy. The QPQ coated shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing assembly for long-lasting endurance and stability. The ready to run distributor can be installed with or without MSD ignition control units.
P/N 27008 331/354 MSD Pro Billet Distributor $ 650.00
P/N 27003 392 MSD Pro Billet Distributor $ 650.00
P/N 27009 MSD Billet dist. for 331/354 Chrysler with 21936 intermediate shaft & 392 with 21935 shaft $650.00

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